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Shishu Manchalana Asana - The Posture of the Baby

Shishu Manchalana Asana - The Posture of the Baby

When a baby is born, he starts performing this posture to keep his body warm. A child, whose unreasonable demand is not fulfilled by his parent, also performs similar activities after lying on the ground. That is why this posture is called the Posture of the Baby. Athletes do warm-up exercises before starting sports. Before starting other Yoga postures, the body is warmed up by performing this posture so that other postures can be easily performed.

How to do Shishu Manchalana Asana

1. In this posture, arms, legs and body are exercised in a simple manner. On a divan, carpet, blanket or thick sheet of cloth, lie supine (facing skywards) with the head raised a little. Simultaneously, bend your arms a little from the elbows and raise them upwards. Thereafter, bend your legs at knees a little and raise them too upwards and come into a position as if you are about to pedal a bicycle.

2. Now rotate your legs as if you are pedaling a bicycle. Do this exercise till you can do it comfortably. Breathe normally. Then stop and rest for a while.

3. Now raise both your hands and both your legs while exhaling and then return to the normal relaxed position.

4. Thereafter, raise both your legs upwards and thereafter, move left leg towards left side and the right leg towards the right side (away from your body), while keeping your arms to your sides. Do this exercise for some time.

5. Thereafter, raise your left leg and move it towards left side while the right leg is resting on the ground. Thereafter, raise your right leg and movge it towards your right side while the left leg is resting on the ground.

6. Now undergo the clockwise & anticlockwise motions alternatively with your legs.
Thereafter, after relaxing for sometime, repeat the above movements two-three times.

Benefits Shishu Manchalana Asana

  • This posture removes complaints of veins (from head to toes).
  • Complaints of gas (belching, flatulence, etc) and associated complaints of all parts of the body including liver, kidney, lungs, stomach, heart and the head get removed. 
  • This posture is advantageous to blood vessels of the entire body and relieves a number of bodily complaints.
  • It removes pain in feet and imparts relief in arthritis, weakness of the feet, arms and legs. It increases blood circulation, which removes laziness. 
  • This posture is very simple and advantageous to every patient. This posture infuses warmness and alertness in the body. That is why this posture is practiced before any other postures are practiced.

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